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Roughly a quarter of adults in the United States have varicose veins, which may or may not come with symptoms other than altering the appearance of your legs. At Laser Vein MedSpa in Morehead City and Jacksonville, North Carolina, Neil Jones, MD, and his team specialize in treating symptomatic and asymptomatic varicose veins using the latest techniques available. Call or click to schedule your varicose veins treatment consultation at Laser Vein MedSpa today.

Varicose Veins Q&A

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are bulging and often twisted and engorged veins that stick out on your legs. They rise from the skin’s surface as blood fills the vessels and can be blue, purple, or red in color. 

Veins near the surface of the skin on your legs tend to turn into varicose veins because the valves within them that open and close to help carry blood upward against gravity become weaker with time. As a result, blood struggles to flow upward and starts to pool in those veins, eventually expanding their walls. 

There are quite a few risk factors for varicose veins, including pregnancy, obesity, old age, and a family history of getting them. Sometimes, they develop with no apparent cause or reason. You can’t always prevent varicose veins from appearing, but managing your weight, exercising, and avoiding long bouts of standing or sitting can reduce your risk. 

Do varicose veins cause symptoms?

Not always. Most varicose veins only pose a cosmetic issue. If you don’t like the way the twisted, bulging veins look on your legs, there’s no problem with getting treatments for them at Laser Vein MedSpa for cosmetic purposes only. 

Some varicose veins do come with other symptoms, like aching or cramping in the legs. If this is the case for you, the team helps you choose a treatment that will minimize or resolve your other symptoms while clearing the varicose veins from your legs. 

What are my options for varicose vein treatment?

Laser Vein MedSpa offers cutting-edge technology to treat varicose veins with or without symptoms. Every treatment for varicose veins starts with a detailed consultation at Laser Vein MedSpa to discuss your options, which may include:

Laser therapy

Laser therapy uses strong, powerful light energy to make your varicose veins get smaller before slowly disappearing. 


Sclerotherapy is an injectable treatment for varicose veins and broken blood vessels. A sclerosant is a substance that causes the vein to close off. The blood later reroutes through other vessels. 

Compression stockings

Compression stockings are tight socks that go all the way up your calves. They help encourage the upward flow of blood. 

To schedule a consultation appointment for varicose vein treatment, call Laser Vein MedSpa or book online today.