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Laser Skin Treatments Specialist

Neil Jones, MD -  - Vein Treatment Center

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Neil Jones, MD

Vein Treatment Center & MedSpa located in Morehead City, NC & Jacksonville, NC

Laser skin treatments enhance your skin by directing energy to certain cell types or pigments. Laser treatments at Laser Vein MedSpa in Morehead City and Jacksonville, North Carolina, can break apart pigment particles or rejuvenate your skin. Call or click to set up a consultation for laser skin treatments with Neil Jones, MD, and the Laser Vein MedSpa team today.

Laser Skin Treatments Q&A

What are laser skin treatments?

Laser skin treatments are treatments that alter or enhance your skin in some way using a medical-grade laser. Medical-grade lasers can use many light wavelengths, so there are many goals that laser skin treatments can accomplish in dermatology and cosmetic medicine. 

When laser light penetrates your skin, it can target specific pigments, like melanin or tattoo ink,  or specific cell types like follicles or fibroblasts. The team at Laser Vein MedSpa discusses your goals with you in detail before recommending a laser skin treatment and telling you what you can expect from the results. 

Opting for skin rejuvenation or tightening with a laser skin treatment eliminates the need for surgery, injections, and other treatment modes that accomplish similar goals. 

What can laser skin treatments do?

In a medical context, lasers have the potential to treat various unfavorable skin features and age-related developments. With laser skin treatments at Laser Vein MedSpa, you can remove or minimize:

Wrinkles, lines, and laxity

Your skin becomes more lax over time due to general aging, sun damage, smoking, and other risk factors. Laser skin treatments can stimulate fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastin for firmer and tighter skin with fewer noticeable wrinkles. 

Acne scars

Laser skin treatments can minimize acne scars and make other scars less noticeable by breaking apart scar tissue and encouraging new healthy skin cell growth.  

Dark spots

Laser skin treatments can even out your skin tone by eliminating pigmented lesions and hyperpigmentation. 

Unwanted tattoos

Laser Vein MedSpa offers laser tattoo removal using the state-of-the-art PicoSure™ laser system. You can remove tattoos of any size, depth, or color scheme with just a few sessions.  

How should I care for my skin after laser skin treatments?

Caring for your skin after a laser skin treatment is essential for making the results last and avoiding unnecessary irritation or further damage. The team at Laser Vein MedSpa helps you understand proper skin care techniques and any aftercare required for your specific laser skin treatment. 

You may need to:

  • Avoid direct sunlight and other UV light sources
  • Wear daily sunscreen 
  • Use a gentle moisturizer
  • Use a gentle cleanser
  • Stay hydrated
  • Avoid wearing makeup

If you have any questions about your skin, or if it seems that your skin isn’t recovering smoothly, you should call Laser Vein MedSpa for clarification or a follow-up visit. 

To schedule a laser skin treatment consultation, call Laser Vein MedSpa or book online at the nearest location today.